Date: September 12-18, 2019      
           (Full moon series)

The Turnagain Arm is home to a surfable bore tide, one of the longest waves in North America.  Spend a week in an Alaskan playground for the surf, eat, sleep, take care of yourself flow of life. Fueled by fresh, delicious food.

Food and Accommodation: All meals and lodging are included in the retreat cost. 

Also included: transportation, wetsuit, booties, gloves, board (prone or SUP surf), leash, paddle (if applicable), activities. 

This is a fully supported surf adventure with experienced local surfers from the TA Surf Co crew. Agenda driven by the tides, exploration and adventure designed for maximum freedom and creative expression. 


This novelty wave is worth getting to know for the amount of surf time you could possible aquire in a week. The one wave every 12 hours comes in with the energy of the high tide, with the whole ocean behind it. The wave takes several hours to move up the Turnagain Arm providing multiple sections of rideable waves within the “one” wave. Some spots are for the extreme, bigger waves, others spots are more gentle, this dynamic phenomena provides options for surf style and skill level.


Spend a week alighing yourself with the moon, tides, oceans, your own breath and pulse. Let the energy of the moon dictate your day, and eat delicious food along the way. Remember how to play, spending the time to recharge with stoke.

Sample Day: 

Tune the mind and pump the blood 


Sun comes up 6:30 am



Footage review

Observe/Play in nature



Footage review


Hot tub/arts & crafts/stretch

Sun goes down 10:00pm

Body Scan 


Shutter down 

observe/ play in nature activities 


Start your adventure in Anchorage, where we pick you up from the cook towers at 2 pm and make the epic drive along the Turnagain Arm to Girdwood.  Next meet the wave, we will watch as the incoming tide travels the arm, and important safety aspect of the experience. Day 2 and 3, get on the water riding the tide out, learning the chanels, hike the mountain to see the chanel, safety briefing, and surf the wave. Day 4-7, allows for an optional 2 waves a day, thanks to the shifting tides and extended daylight. 

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(907) 903-3870