Surfing etiquette for the Turnagain Arm

Like other popular surf spots etiquette is developed in the name of safety and fun. You are welcome to surf here, please pay attention. 


1 Respect the power of the tide and the changing channel. The channel changes on a daily basis. It is highly recommended you watch the wave where you plan on surfing before you surf.


2 If in doubt do not paddle out.


3 South of girdwood is the beginner area. The wave is more mellow, lower consequence, with a safer entry and exit. There is also less chance of being caught in the middle of the channel and going for a survival ride. 


4 Visitors please don't be shy, talk to the locals and ask where the safest spot to sit is.  


5 Park respectfully and keep it clean. 


6 The surfer who caught the wave farthest outside and closest to the peak has priority. Just like other surf spots. Do not drop in or snake on the clean wave. Catch the wave in the white water and watch for an opportunity for a clean face. When you are priority surfer share the clean face with others. 


7 Help fellow surfers in trouble.


8 Please stay out of the way of riders on the wave and give some surfing space to one another.  


9 If you are in the scenario where you can’t control your equipment please remove yourself from the wave before collision. 


10 Communication is essential before, during and after the wave. Unique situations arise on a daily basis. When we mess up acknowledge, and discuss if needed. Everyone has or will mess up. 


11 This wave is to remind us who is boss, mother nature. She is teaching us respect and humility for the natural forces. It’s up to us to have respect and humility towards each other.   


Have a plan

-where to enter and exit the water

-where to catch the wave and exit the wave

-know the hazards

-know your own ability 

-control your equipment 

-what will you do when you loose your board 

-hypothermia is a concern all year long


If you feel something needs to be added or removed please feel free to contact the TA surf crew at 

(907) 903-3870