TA Surf Co Surf Report

Irregular surf related report and other findings brought to you by the TA Surf crew

Early August 2019

Since our last post, bores of all shapes and sizes were surfed. A consistent cycle allowed for some epic party waves, along with some solitude shredding. Warm weekends brought lots of newbs, some attempting to ride the bore on their SUP rentals, complete with drysuit and life vest (at least REI covered that aspect). Apart from the life vest however, these folks were largely unprepared for the tidal surge, and the etiquette that goes along with surfing it. Here at TA Surf, the crew agrees that some safety and ground rules need to be explained before one should be allowed to rent a board for the bore tide. If you happen to strike up a conversation on this topic, especially if you happen to be chatting with an REI employee, toss this idea out there. You can always point folks to the etiquette page on our website as well. 


Anyways, apart from our concern for the greater good on the bore tide and its riders, we are extra stoked on the past month. A radical film crew came our way to put some footage together for a new episode of Weird Waves with Dylan Graves. These guys were humble and amazed at our playground. They showed respect and it was so rad to watch Mr. Graves tear it up. Very likely the most shredded the bore tide has ever been shredded. The TA Surf crew is stoked to have been a part of this adventure. It will be awesome to see what they come up with for their show. 

Looking forward, we have more beautiful weather on the forecast, and of course, more waves to be ridden. Stay limber out there, and don't forget that even though it's a party wave, the etiquette is still as important, if not more so, than any other surf spot. Respect the rider who has the clean pocket by getting to the whitewater side of them. If you find yourself next to the clean face, get out on that baby and lay down some turns! Wipe yourself out and you will improve! On that note, cheers until next time!

Murphy G

Bird's eye of some epic mixing in the channel

Early July 2019

Praise up for the epic wave cycle wrapping up. Rights were glassed, lefts were slashed, and even a couple frothy kooksamongus got themselves partially pitted yeee yeee!

We wait hopeful as rain forecasts appear. Hopeful that the good sections remain while potential new ones form. Visualize the cake and eating it too baby! 


Remember to stay limber and take care of each other out there! 


Peace and love 

Murphy G

Hot weather high fivin

Early June 2019

Ya Esta

Is that it? I don't think so....

Just the glint of the sun playin tricks on me

I have to shit?! It can't be so....

Are my bowels synched unto the rising sea?!

Murphy G

Crouching tiger Lily

Late May 2019

Sup gulls! Up out of the Kook Inlet we find ourselves surge sliding up the Turnagain Arm, chasing the everlasting clean face, the long pocket, the steep peak. And finally, inspired by the dynamic regularity of the tides, emerges the very first TA Surf Co surf report!  

We conclude the latest cycle with lots of rain and healthy runoff, hopefully forming the channels in our favor. Based on our daily research, there have been two surfable sections each over a mile long. The sections closer to Bird Point are more technical with potentially large wave trains. Past Girdwood is a mellower section that provides a nice wave for getting to know the Arm and the boretide. Both sections have have strong currents and drastic sand bar formations, so please read the channels and do your homework before paddling out. 

Recently, after a beautifully rainy day, the call of a possible late evening wave beckoned a few quiet surfers into the water. Recalling the rather surprising quality of the previous evening's wave the, hopes were high, despite the increasing down valley winds. Yet with heavy outflow from consistent rains, the half-moon surge was just barely enough to form a mid-channel crescent face amongst the outflowing wave trains. Attempts were frantically made to get in position, but she was playing very hard to get indeed, and briskly left the surfers behind without a glance back. Glimpses of what could have been were caught through the backspray in the now steady ENE wind.

Of course, the gulls and an eagle had a good surf, reminding those left behind of the surrounding beauty. The currents are borderline rowdy nearing Bird Point and were still outflowing strongly in sections after the tide had bored past, making for a technical ferry back across to the roadside.

Always keep the power of the currents, tides, mud, wind, etc etc etcetera in mind! Have a plan (return included) before you paddle out. Hope everyone finds enjoyment in the waning lull that is upon us, and keep your eyes peeled as the moon beams upon us. 

We remain optimistic about new channel formations with continued runoff, and are continually amazed by the daily changes. See ya'll on the next one. 

Murphy G

Slip slidin along

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